Understanding the unique needs and concerns of seniors

Our Founder and Resident Secretary, Smt. M. Varalakshmi has devoted her life to finding eternal peace. This quest began at an early age of ten when she realized that she was drawn to spiritual and philosophical thinking. Since then, her goal has been to attain self-realization.


Although her bond with her family has always been strong, her devotion towards God has remained. This led her to practice many rituals like chanting the Bhagavat Gita eighteen times and studying the biographies and life experiences of many saints.


Despite these numerous efforts, she could not achieve eternal peace. Then, a tragedy occurred. Smt. Varalakshmi’s life partner passed away. At about the same time, her childhood friend committed suicide due to poverty. This made Smt. Varalakshmi realizes¬†that the only path to self-realization was by helping economically challenged families.


Medical care

Residents have access to dental care, minor surgeries, physiotherapy, general practitioners, optometrist.

Hygenic Diet

A well balanced, vegetarian diet is followed by the 130+ residents in the home. Meals are prepared on-site in a large, hygienic kitchen on premises.

Skilled nursing

We have a full-time nurse on premises, who would take care of the normal ailments that arise in old age.


A facility is available where all the residents congregate twice a day for meditation. There is also a smaller room for individual meditation, for those residents who choose this practice.


Tapasya Dhanam
Tapasya Dhanam

Our mission is to help our residents gain spiritual knowledge, good health, mental peace, satisfaction, self-confidence and enjoy their old age in the company of like-minded people. This enables them to lead the rest of their lives in peace. Our center is dedicated to senior citizens and our goal is to provide them a life filled with love and peace.


In support of this worthy cause, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development (HMDA) allotted one acre of land in Miyapur, a suburb of Hyderabad. With the financial support of a number of organizations and philanthropists, a building of about 5000 sq.ft. Was constructed in the early 1980’s, far away from the noise and pollution of the city. A few of the organizations that lent support in this effort are HelpAge India, Red Cross, Nizam Trust and ITC Limited.


The center welcomes all senior citizens aged 55 and above, regardless of their socio-economic status, caste or creed. In addition to spiritual pursuits, the center offers its residents opportunity for pursuing interests such as sewing, reading, listening to music and watching television.


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If you would like to make donations via cheque or in kind, please reach out to us by email at oldagemvlmiyapur@gmail.com or call us at (040) 23045261,(+91) 9866174161


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